Interview of Juliette Gaussem : Towards REPORTING 2025 with GRI

Juliette GAUSSEM

Juliette Gaussem, Senior Coordinator and Corporate & Stakeholder Relations, answered the questions of Dolores LARROQUE from MATERIALITY-reporting, GRI DATA PARTNER for France.

logo%20GRIJuliette gives her comments on the 2014 outcomes, the analysis of new trends or projection to new projects such as REPORTING 2025. A beautiful light on the extent of the GRI work.

  1. GRI wants to position itself as one of the standard setter for reporting and has a new governance. Could you tell us more?

In November, GRI revealed a new governance structure which will reinforce its commitment to providing robust global standards for sustainability reporting. Going forward GRI will have a distinct dual-focus: standard-setting and other activities that enhance the value of reporting for the thousands of organizations that use our standards to measure, manage and act to improve their sustainability impacts. The new governance structure will ensure the long term credibility of our standards, while allowing us to continue enabling many organizations and stakeholders to benefit from the standards as a platform for further innovation. 

  1. Regarding the new EU Directive for non-financial reporting, GRI is recommended among the international initiatives to follow. What changes does the GRI envisage?

GRI was deeply involved in the development process that has led to the adoption of the NFR Directive. GRI had an advisory role throughout this process and via our network.  We also supported EU policy makers in raising awareness about the importance of this initiative. International developments with governments, regulators and stock exchanges are increasingly relevant for GRI, and the new governance structure will allow us to engage with these groups more. These changes increase the transparency of our standard-setting activities and bolster our robust due process protocol, making our Standards even more useful to governments, regulators and stock exchanges. 

  1. What contribution will be the GRI in the context of the objective of the integrated reporting?

GRI is supportive of IR as it develops as an important and necessary innovation of corporate reporting. GRI advocates for the inclusion of robust sustainability metrics in IR, and for a multi-stakeholder approach to IR.  As a pioneer in the development of sustainability reporting over the last two decades and the global standard setter for sustainability disclosures, GRI believes it has a central role to play and a duty to collaborate actively in the further development of IR. GRI believes that IR, which incorporates appropriate, material sustainability information on an equal footing with financial information, and which embodies a truly multi-stakeholder approach, will support our overall vision of a sustainable global economy. To further the development of IR and actively participate in its evolution, GRI is convening a Corporate Leadership Group on IR with its Organizational Stakeholders and other companies engaging in Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting, to be able to contribute more directly to ongoing dialogue around IR. 

  1. Is GRI involved in the UN SDGs architecture?

GRI, the United Nations Global Compact and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) have joined forces to mobilize the private sector as a key player in achieving our world’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This partnership brings together an international network of professionals as well as perspectives of forward-thinking companies from around the world. Together, we will produce an implementation guide on impact assessment, KPI selection and goal setting, as well as a publication that will support businesses in assessing their impacts, aligning their strategies with the SDGs and setting company goals. 

  1. What are the other projects for 2015?

GRI has a number of new projects in the pipeline. Look out for Reporting 2025 next year. GRI will convene and international, multi-media conversation about the future of sustainability reporting and disclosures. We’ll be speaking with top corporate executives, thought-leaders and regulators about topics including: valuation, big data, stakeholder engagement and business ethics, to name only a few.

There will also be opportunities for GRI’s Organizational Stakeholders to provide their input and take part in this important effort to look at the future of sustainable development via the “Corporate Leadership Group on Reporting 2025”.

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